Press Release – Wolfe & Carey: Sparkler Law Can Boost Public Safety, Keep Sales Tax Revenue In Rockland

Rockland County Legislature votes to allow use and sales of some consumer-grade fireworks New City, NY (Sept. 2, 2015) – The Rockland County Legislature voted 13-2 Tuesday to allow the limited sales of sparklers around the July 4th and New Year’s Day holidays. Rockland has now joined more than 30 of New York’s 62 counties in allowing the use

Welcoming Streit’s Matzo to Rockland County

Back in April, I noted on my Facebook page that we should all encourage Streit’s Matzo to choose Rockland as the site for their new production facility. I am happy to learn that Streit’s has now officially chosen Rockland County over other possible sites in Westchester and northern New Jersey. I would like to welcome Streit’s

Supporting Term Limits

I believe term limits are an important and necessary safeguard against government corruption. I also see their value as a practical mechanism to help level the playing field in a system otherwise inherently out of balance in favor of an entrenched incumbent. Term limits help ensure an influx of new ideas and philosophies that are