During his time in legislature and his work in the community, Cris has gained the respect and trust of many residents.

It is a delight to speak of the “character” of Legislator Christopher Carey.

I have known Cris for many years and have witnessed him serving the needs of his family, his parish of St. Francis, and his civic community here in Clarkstown.

Cris is a responsible, enthusiastic person who exudes great knowledge and values. He is committed to the many projects he is involved in in our parish of St. Francis of Assisi: as trustee, member of the finance council, head usher at our weekly family Mass, as well as chairing many other events and organizations.  And may I say, all with a contagious smile!

It was a delight to seen him transfer these leadership skills by becoming a servant to the Town of Clarkstown as a Legislator! Cris Carey is honest, caring and committed to what he believes in. He is most truly an asset to our civic community and the people he serves.

Thank you Cris, for all that you do!

Sr. Pat Hogan


Lately it seems to me  that the dishonest politicians are the ones getting all of the attention.  It is for that reason that I think we should shine a big spotlight on someone like Cris Carey.  Cris is one of the good guys.  Every single day he’s quietly and humbly doing the business of making our county and our community a better place.   He’s doing what we elected him to do and holding everyone, especially himself,  to a higher, more honorable standard.  He is not doing it for the glory and the distinction, but strictly because of his inherent sense of dedication and responsibility.  His intrinsic honesty and integrity are without question.   He is deeply rooted in faith, family and community and is devoted to them all.  He is a staple the St. Francis Church children’s mass and one of the most dedicated members of the parish council.  I feel extremely lucky to call Cris my fellow parishioner, my county legislature and, most of all, my friend.

Karen Bean McCombs


Cris Carey is a true champion for the people. As a legislator he has fought for reform of the budget process, fiscal responsibility and term limits. He is a person of the highest integrity, committed to doing what is right for his constituents. Whenever the Town has a difficult issue to address I know I can always count on Cris Carey to advocate for the people. I wholeheartedly support him as one of the finest public servants we have in Rockland County.

George Hoehmann, Clarkstown Councilman


I am proud to offer my support in re-electing Christopher Carey to the Rockland County Legislature in 2015. I know that Christopher will represent the best interests of all his constituents, including those of the Indian-American community. He has always listened to our concerns and understands our needs. There is no other legislator that does as good a job of balancing all the needs of diverse communities within a district as Christopher Carey does. He will fight for fiscal responsibility and the upholding of local zoning laws in order to stop over-development. He will stand up against corruption and help restore ethics and integrity to the legislature. I offer him my complete and unwavering support to continue to represent the people of our district in the Rockland County Legislature.

Shibu Abraham, Clarkstown Resident


Cris and I became friends when running for office in 2011 and have remained close ever since. Cris is a devoted family man, active in his church, active in his community–through the Bardonia Civic Association as a former officer and still member and a mainstay of the Republican Party.

Every one I know admires and respects Cris for his honesty, his integrity and his willingness to fight for what he believes to be right, even against seemingly insurmountable odds.We could not ask for a better County Legislator and I will continue to support him until he, along with Ed Day, finally win the battle to stabilize Rockland County’s finance.

Ralph Sabatini, Chairman, Clarkstown Republican Party


In this day and age it is very difficult to find an honest politician yet when I think of Cris Carey, I think of honesty and integrity.  I have had the pleasure of observing Cris in the community for some time now and he definitely has these qualities.  He is very hard-working for his church, his family and his community.  He is a sincere and dependable politician and friend.

Marion Bean, Clarkstown Resident


My recent introduction to Cris Carey was a pleasant surprise compared to my previous experience with Government. Not only were Cris’s suggestions helpful, he followed up, and actually showed up personally, to ensure my rights were not infringed. Pretty amazing considering I was not even in his district.

If you’re looking to ensure this county endures, Rockland County Legislator Cris Carey should be the benchmark for all elected officials.

Michael Oakley, Clarkstown Resident